Church of St. Catherine in the square Magnanapoli

  • Pigna, Italy
  • Largo Magnanapoli, Roma, Italy 
    Church of St. Catherine in the square Magnanapoli in Rome - an architectural monument of Italy. It was built in the middle of the XVII century by the architect Giovanni Battista Sora as a place of worship of the Dominican monastery, which existed from 1575.

    In the course of an extensive renovation in 1992, the church regained its original appearance. Elegant Baroque facade of the temple is divided projecting cornice decorated with stucco details. Rich portal includes three arches separated by square semi-colony. The building is topped by a triangular pediment that contains the embossed image with floral motifs.

    The impressive interior of the church has a single nave with a magnificent chapel. High vaulted ceilings decorated with gilded plaster. The church hall is filled with antique furniture, paintings and sculptures made of colored marble. Attract attention frescoes depicting St. Catherine. Colorful stained-glass compositions are decorated with biblical motifs.
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