St. Mary's Church in Berlin

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  • Berlin, Germany 
  • St. Mary's Church - one of the oldest of the existing churches located in Berlin, Germany. Is one of the six medieval churches, which are located in the historic center of Berlin. Located on the street of Karl Liebknecht.

    For the first time the church was mentioned in 1292. The document said the Church of St. Mary, as a church with its own parish. The church was built on the foundation stone of a bright red brick. The building had aisles type and was made in the style of Brandenburg brick Gothic.

    As a result of the fires damaged the church tower, but in 1663 - 1666 years it was reconstructed, but in the Baroque style, and then - in the neo-Gothic style in 1789 - 1790 years. In 1938, St. Mary's Church was the oldest church in Berlin, after the Church of St. Nicholas was transferred to the city as the "Cathedral Music".

    Tower church hall houses the famous fresco "Dance of Death", which dates back to 1484 year. There is a body that made the master Johann Wagner. Among other attractions - gravestone of Field Marshal Otto Christoph von Sparr author which - Antverpenskі sculptor Artus Quellinus the Elder. The chair of the church was designed by Andreas Schlüter.
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