Church of Saints Boris and Gleb

  • Suzdal, Russia
  • Russia, Kideshka 
    Boris and Gleb Church, which is located in Kideksha was built in the reign of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky and dates from the year 1152. It is believed that the church itself was founded in honor of the great general of his sons Boris and Gleb, and for the first of them later served as a burial place. Here was buried, and his wife Maria.

    Sts temple was conceived as the main cathedral city Kideksha, which is reflected in its restraint and simplicity of exterior decor lines. But it should be noted that there can be observed parallels with western European Romanesque art. Church of Boris and Gleb - chetyrehstolpny, domed, trehapsidny. It was built of hewn and conditions dry Blocks made from high quality white stone. Over its western portal in the wall is lined with unloading arch. Inside the temple are cross-shaped pillars, blades which are simple and odnooblomnie and external is dvuhustupchatimi.

    In XVI - early XVII century vaults of the church and its head collapsed. Arches and pillars of the eastern temple were dismantled, and the eastern part of the northern and southern walls were only up to the level arkaturnaga belt. Then east again pillars were drawn up in such a a temple still exists.
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