Church of the Trinity in Mytishchi

  • Druzhba, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, Mytishchi, Mytishchi, street Selezneva, 32. 
  • +7 (495) 582-96-70 
    Temple of the Trinity (Holy Trinity) is located in the neighborhood Mytsіshchanskae barley outside Selezneva, 32 It is known that in 1894-1896, this place was built Don church. After closing in 1930, for many years, she lamented, and until 1981 the building of the temple was almost nothing left.

    Orthodox Parish of Trinity Temple in Mytishchi was again officially registered on October 11, 1994. The new single-storey church was built in 2004 from a tree, next to a bell-tower. Above the temple is a dome with a cross. Here, in the same building settled cultural and educational center and the home church.

    In a Sunday school has various clubs, which teaches choral singing, embroidery, beading, iconography. Regular classes on Orthodox education of children and adults.
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