Holy Trinity Church in Ostankino

  • Perhurovo, Russia
  • Moscow, Ostankino 1-I, 7, p. 2 
    Today Yard Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, located on the territory of the Temple of the Trinity in Ostankino. This is a unique architectural ensemble of the XVII century, which is a prime example of ancient architecture during its heyday and grandeur. Facades of buildings retained exclusive patterned decorative elements, the only one of its kind in Moscow.

    Facade of the Temple of the Trinity is completely covered with decorative patterns. Until now, historians are trying to figure out the name of the architect, who was engaged in a detailed study of the elements, which later became the standard old Russian church architecture and Russian outlines. Particularly attracted the attention of sophisticated patterned cornices and fishnet trim on the windows. They meet a variety of traditional elements from several schools of architecture, which allows the assumption that the participation of several masters of various regions of Russia.

    At the church Sunday school for adults and children. Especially respected considered miraculously preserved icons 1654 - Old Testament Trinity and a list with the miraculous Chernihiv-Elias Mother of God. Recently, the temple was donated to Georgian icon Virgin - the legacy of Georgian princes.
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