Tsoi-Pede - Chechen City of the Dead

  • Hacharoj-Ehk, Russia
  • Itum-Kale district, Chechen Republic 
  • City of the Dead Tsoi-Pede is located in the Itum-Kale district of the Republic of Chechnya, near the border between Russia and Georgia. Tsoi-Pede is located 40 kilometers from the village of Itum-Kale, on a promontory located at the confluence of Meshi-hee and Changtu-Argun. Proximity to the border explained the fact that the visit of the largest medieval necropolis requires permission from the FSB. Tsoi-Pede consists of 42 cellars, two watchtowers and two sanctuaries. The exact date of founding of the city of the dead is not known, the earliest tombs include approximately the V century, it is known that in the XVII century it has been used for its intended purpose.

    Tsoi-Pede is located in the historic area Melhista, which translates from the Chechen as "Country of the Sun". The very name of Tsoi-Pede is translated as "The settlement of the deity."

    Majestic crypts dazzling. All vaults are disclosed, and they are many human bones that lie here for centuries. On one of the watchtowers can be seen mosaic figure. It is believed that this image St. George. On the walls of some buildings can be seen preserved petroglyphs, some of which have not yet been deciphered by scholars.
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