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Melnyky is located on central part of Ukraine (Chyhyryn Raion, Cherkasy Oblast), 41 kilometers on southeast from Cherkasy. The city has a great attraction - Motroninsky Monastery. You can to look around too. On west (3 kilometers) is Cold Yar. On southwest (5 kilometers) is Oak Zaliznyak. On east (7 kilometers) is Museum of local lore, Church of the Assumption (7 km).

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Museum of local lore Medvedivka
Church of the Assumption Medvedivka
Three Krinitsy Subotiv
Elias Church Subotiv
Castle Hill Chyhyryn
Museum of Khmelnitsky Chyhyryn
Archaeological Museum Chyhyryn
Museum of local lore Smila
Ботанічний сад Cherkasy
Cherkassky zoo Khutory
St. Michael's Cathedral Cherkasy
House Scherbyna (Wedding Palace) Cherkasy
Puppet-show Cherkasy
The Art Museum Cherkasy
Черкаський обласний художній музей Cherkasy
Monument Dumplings Cherkasy
Monument moonshine Cherkasy
Monument Dumplings Cherkasy
Музейна кімната "Робочий кабінет В. А. Симоненка" Cherkasy
Cherkasy Oblast Philharmonic Cherkasy
Hotel Slavic Cherkasy
Hotel "Slavic" Cherkasy
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Interesting facts Melnyky

  • Population : 905

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