Street Academica Alexandrov

  • Yurevo, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, North-Western Administrative District, the district Shchukino, between the street and the street Marshal Novikova Marshal Vasilevsky. 
    Academician Alexandrov Street is located in the North-Western District of Moscow. It received its name from the Alexandrov Anatoly Petrovich, who was a legendary Soviet scientists and academics. The name was officially approved in 2010 8 of June. Until 2010, this street was called simply the projected travel № 4264. Geographically located between the street st. Marshal Novikova st. Marshal Vasilevsky. The numbering of houses in the street Academician Alexandrov occurs or Marshal Novikova street or down the street Marshal Vasilevsky. Land transport routes on the street is not.
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