Street Halabyan

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    Halabyan Street, located in the Northern district, came from the time of development of the area Sokol, in 1950; and the name was in 1959, in honor of the famous architect of Soviet times - Caro Semenovich Halabyan.

    Halabyan himself famous for such works as projects (co-authored) Soviet pavilion at the exhibition in New York, and the Armenian SSR on VSHV (now VVC) in Moscow; project of the Central Theater of the Red Army and the draft lobby Metro "Krasnopresnenskaya". Halabyan led a team of architects who worked on the project of reconstruction of Stalingrad during World War II. In his last years, he was the chief architect of the Leningrad region, and participated in drafting the district Khimki Hovrino. 

    But before, the street now named after the famous architect, was only passing through the projected 971, one of many in Moscow.
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