Amundsen Street

  • Lenino, Russia
  • North-East, district Sviblovo; between Prospect. Serebriakova and Snow Street. 
    Amundsen Street is located on the territory of the district is to Sviblovskogo North-Eastern District of Moscow. Until 1964, it had a different name, namely Medvedkovo highway, and since 1964 the highway turned into the street.

    As for the name of the street, it was named after the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen (1872-1928), who is the first person who passed from Greenland to Alaska from east to west, through the so-called Northwest passage through the Arctic. We also know that before the highway is named after Vasily Fedorovich Myadzvedka Pozharsky ancestor Dmitry Pozharsky.

    Amundsen Street stretches from Serebriakova travel to the snowy street. House numbering starts from the travel Serebryakov. Closest station to the street Amundsen is a metro station "Sviblovo."
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