Street Huchette

  • Paris, France
  • Rue de la Huchette, Paris, France 
  • Huchette street is named already 700 years old, is now largely in it are Greek restaurants whose owners invite tourists that facial expressions, the real theatrical gestures of the doors and windows of their institutions.

    The theater is located on the street Huchette, which for the past 50 years demonstrates the famous play "The Bald Soprano" Ezhena Ionescu. The house is located №5 oldest jazz club of the capital, where he played Boris Vian on his trombone. From the streets are narrow branching Huchette streets to the banks of the Seine, which give an idea of ​​how Paris looked in the Middle Ages, when these places are notorious. Near the street Huchette is a beautiful church of Saint-Sever, one of the most striking examples of Gothic architecture in Paris. Is There concerts of organ music.
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