Manor MI Serdyukov

  • Lebedinets, Russia
  • The estate is situated in Vyshniy Volochek, on the shore of the reservoir Vyshnevolotsk 
    Manor, which belonged to the builder Serdyukov was built in 1719 and is a unique monument of architecture, one of the few buildings that survived from the time of Peter I.

    Manor built in the early Baroque and consists of several buildings: a two-story main house, outbuildings, stables and a brick building that remains from the brewery. The house is known that it stopped Peter I, who came to look at urban canals built Serdyukov. Around the house remained barbarysa bush, who, according to legend, was planted by the Emperor.

    At the moment, construction is in poor condition, and restoration, carried out an individual leads to a distortion of the historical appearance of the building.
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