Manor Mihalkovo

  • Krasnye Orly, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, Golovin area Mikhalkovskaya street 38. 
    Mikhalkov Manor is located on the territory of the Golovin district, on the banks of ponds Golovinskoye. Manor occupies a large area of ​​98 hectares and is a unique monument of architecture and landscape art of the XVIII century.

    There are outbuilding housing and fence of red stone, gazebos and five ponds. In Soviet times, the estate were built monuments to Chernobyl and Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy, children's playground and a cafe, which is now under restoration.

    Mikhalkov estate owned in the XVIII century princes Dashkovoj, also here at various times lived graphs and Nikita Panin Paul and industrialist Dmitry Grachev. After 1933 the manor was used exclusively for the needs of the cloth industry.

    Today the estate is a beautiful promenade, at the main entrance are two strange towers with applicative decor, and on the Big Golovinskiy pond equipped beach.
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