Manor Naryshkins

  • Dubrovka, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow region, Solnechnogorsk district, Leningrad station to station. "Alabushevo", then 4 km in the north-east. 
    Manor Naryshkin in Chashnikovo known since the beginning of the XVI century. If it was a backwoods, and now the manor is located near the airport "Sheremetyevo". In ancient times, the estate was ancestral domain of Andrew and Dmitry Chashnikovo. From 1688 to 1796 years, the owners of the estate - Naryshkіny. In 1704 the manor consisted of a vast seigniorial yard with stables and a farmyard, a 25 farmhouse with outbuildings. But the building on the estate became the church, consecrated in the name of the Life-Giving Troika.

    Estates no longer exists, and the church, which is almost 500 years old, is still standing. She is one of the oldest in the suburbs. The first mention of it falls on 1585 is surprising that the temple was not closed during the Soviet era. During the war, the village was short-lived under the Germans, and the church also remained intact. She is currently serving.
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