Manor New Dace

  • Novye Eltsy, Russia
  • Lake Seliger, Ostashkovsky District, Tver region. 
    Manor appeared at the end of the XVIII century. Thick old family until his death owned patrimony, passing it on from generation to generation. The homestead manor house built in three floors of stone, a stone church, a linen factory, theater, and a leather factory lodkavuyu base, carries guests moved from the island to the ground. All this rich industry worked until the abolition of serfdom.

    At the end of the XVIII century in Yaltsu best friend was born poet AS Pushkin - Jacob Tolstoy. Also a poet, who was in the group "Green light". During the war against the French in 1812, Jacob went to defend the homeland, but Yaltsu has never returned. Fearing persecution, moved to Paris, where he was buried.

    Up to now remained only a luxury manor house, whose facade is decorated with porticos Pilaster, speeches and rotunda. In Soviet times the building were attached several outbuildings. This visually enlarge the house in length.
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