Manor Podgorodneye

  • Podgorodnee, Russia
  • Tver region, Toropetsky District, p. Podgorodneye 
  • Small and compact house in Padgarodnay makes a good impression. He single-storey with a mezzanine, which stretches between the two porticos (the courtyard and park). The proportions of the mansion is still far from ideal. Widely spaced columns appear portsіkaў too thin, but well established their capitals; Hu Palladian windows and entablature distinguished elegance molded parts.

    Manor restored in the early XIX century, a wealthy landowner Tarapetskay County, Colonel Alexander Chelischev. The owner was not very remarkable person, and remember that at one time was a district leader of the nobility. After his death in inheritance rights came son - Eўgrafaў Alexandrovich. With the abolition of serfdom and the decline of the manor for sale - Chelishchev ever parted with his family nest.

    Before the manor house has local administration, now it takes the right wing, the left - some semblance of health part. The house itself was empty - and this was the beginning of his downfall. Another purpose of filling the windows, but the roof leaks terrible, overlap rotten, sex disclosed by all appearances, there have not gone before.
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