Manor Serdyukov

  • Boriskovo, Russia
  • Vyshniy Volochek, pos. Reservoir, Tver region. Reservoir settlement not marked on the map. Travel from the center of the Most High Volochek n 
  • Manor Serdyukov currently represents the ruins of the manor house M.A.Serdyukova, organizer gіdrasіstemy Valachku in the Most High, the early Baroque.

    So, you can see the manor main manor house, stables, farm red brick building - probably the only preserved building from the whole complex Brovar zavodika, which functioned in the XVIII century.

    Unfortunately, due to the expansion of the reservoir in 1940, most of the estate was flooded, so 6 square miles of water spilled as much as 108 square kilometers.

    Note that this complex is valuable due to the fact that he is one of the earliest surviving in the Tver region. Probably the manor complex was built in 1720-1740 years.
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