Manor "Sviblovo"

  • Lenino, Russia
  • Azure ave., 15, Building 1, Moscow 
    Manor "Sviblovo" is located in the same area, in the north-eastern part of Moscow. Former nobleman's mansion was built in the early XVIII century Moscow governor and the first commandant of St. Petersburg Kirill Alexeyevich Naryshkin. By his order on the estate were built stone chambers, Trinity Church, which has survived to the present day, and Malt.

    Small wood-stone manor house in the classical style, which can now be seen on the estate "Sviblovo", was built in the 1780s, when the family owned the estate of Nikolai Petrovich Vysotsky, nephew of Prince Potemkin. Mezzanine in the Empire style was completed in the 1820s. Wooden wings in the 1980s, was rebuilt in brick in the park preserved ancient and human rates of the XIX century.

    Restoration of the old manor began in 1994, today it was given the status of the patriarchal monastery Russian Orthodox Church. Decoration of the manor "Sviblovo" is Trinity Church - a vivid example of Moscow baroque.
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