Cathedral of the Assumption of the Holy Dormition Monastery Knyaginin

  • vaneevka, Russia
  • Vladimir region, Vladimir, at the Princess Street.,. 37-A 
  • +7 (4922)226-30-8 
  • Holy Assumption Knyaginin convent in Vladimir was founded in the XII century Duchess Maria Shvarnovny, the wife of Prince Vsevolod the Big Nest. Cathedral of the monastery was founded in 1200. It was used as a tomb, it buried his wife and daughter Alexandra Nevsky and Vsevolod the Big Nest, 1230, there were relics of St. Omri Bulgarian.

    At the end of the beginning of the XV-XVI centuries the cathedral, which was destroyed by the Tatars, was rebuilt in the tradition rannemoskovskogo architecture. He was restored in 1926 and 1961.

    The modern view of the Cathedral, mainly preserved from XV-XVI centuries. The building is a single-headed four-pillar temple with three apse, for it is characterized by a broad division of the facades. On the south and north sides attach to the cathedral chapels.    

    Inside the cathedral are preserved unique wall paintings in 1649, the wizard Marc Matveev.
    The cathedral also houses the miraculous icon of the Mother of God Bogolyubov XII century.
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