Vernissage in Izmailovo

  • Dubechino, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, Izmailovo highway, 73-th. 
    Izmailovo Vernissage - the world's largest trade fair items vyyaўlencha arts and crafts, folk crafts and crafts, antiques and souvenirs. Vernissage consider striking landmark of modern Moscow.
    This kind of shopping mall located in the historical place of Moscow, near the Izmailovo Park, not far from the king's ancestral estate of the Romanovs. Forms part of the complex is a crafts center "Russian Compound" and the art fair. 
    Previously, it was decided that the Russian cities around the city center, the Kremlin, were merchants yard and shopping arcade, where all trading took place. At the end of the XIX century City Council, it was decided to arrange these shopping areas - and therefore were constructed upper, lower and the Middle Trading Rows (GUM). In Izmailovo Vernissage continued that tradition.
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