Waterfall Isichenko

  • Mezmaj, Russia
  • R254, the Republic of Adygea, Russia 
    Near the village of Mezmay is a beautiful place - Isichenko waterfall. From the village you can reach it by following the narrow path markіravanay through fabulous boxwood forest, located in the valley Kurdzhipskoy. If you are willing to walk to the waterfall after a rain, be sure to put on a special non-slip shoes and be very careful on the road, because there are places where the trail passes almost over the cliffs. You can not worry about that get lost here, as on the way to the waterfall there are many pointers.

    After a few caves and hanging right over the cliff path you will be in three magnificent waterfalls, the biggest of which is called Isichenko. Its height is 15 meters and the water falls into the river Kurdzhips. The remaining two waterfalls not so big and have a feature often dry. Next to them is one and a half kilometer long cave with a depth of 100 meters.

    Waterfall Isichenko been known to locals since ancient times. Its distinguishing feature is a considerable amount of portable water and gorgeous natural rocks covered with moss and lichen, which give it a fabulous look.
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