Waterfall University

  • Temnolesskaya, Russia
  • Russia, the Republic of Adygea, Maikop district 
    Beautiful waterfall called the university, you can see a small creek burning beam - a tributary of the Mezmay. You can reach the waterfall from the village or the village Mezmay Temnolesskoy on dismantled railway railway. Overcoming about a kilometer up the creek from the confluence of Gorelaya beams in Mezmay, you finally see the waterfall University.

    After overcoming several stages at the top of the waterfall, stream noise falls down. Height university waterfall is about twenty meters to the base, you can get close to the natural stone steps. At the bottom you can see a small heap of stones, which is called the guardian of the waterfall. In the stone riverbed under the waterfall water knocked out enough deep lake, where you can swim if you wish.
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