Russian State University of Cinematography

  • Talezh, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, ul. Wilhelm Pieck, d. 3. 
    Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, abbreviated as VGIK, began its history from 1919 to the creation in Moscow the world's first public film school.

    Future VGIK first located in the former two-room apartment, which was in the house at the corner of Tverskaya Street and the Soviet area. The first set kinonaturschikov, as they called the actors did in the summer of 1919. Future workers trained emotional scenes plastic, dance, mіmіchnay definition, acrobatics, fencing, gymnastics, and a sense of the body.

    The first film school teachers Lev Kuleshov steel, Vladimir Gardin and Edward tsіsu. Later, in 1928, opened in kіnashkole directing department, named after the Academy Award.
    Since 2008 VGIK received university status, but its historical acronym saved. Today, the VGIK graduate work in television and cinema more than 80 countries.
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