Second-class parish school Savior Klepikov

  • Spas-Klepiki, Russia
  • Russia, Ryazan region, Klepikovsky District, g.Spas-Klepiki, ul.Uritskogo, 47 
  • +7 (49142)2-66-66 
  • In the Savior say very much connected with Sergei Yasenіnam, because here he lived and studied. On the outskirts of the city of Spas-storey building located Klepіkі second-class parish school. It was opened in 1896 and prepared for teachers Church schools. In September 1909, Sergei Yesenin passed the exams and enrolled in this school, and he finished it in 1912. Here he wrote his first poems and felt himself a poet.

    Currently, this house is located Klepіkaўskaga Department of the State Museum SAEsenin. On the first floor is a room teachers, kitchen, dining room. On the second floor - classrooms, where the lessons, students bedrooms. The situation remained the school, the party for which he was sitting Yesenin, his notebooks, the first verses, many items in the museum gave the locals.

    In 2005 it was reconstructed and the area around the school. After the reconstruction, it was opened on 1 October 2005 ..
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