Computing Center Rosstat

  • CHesnokovo, Russia
  • Izmailovo highway, 44, Moscow, Russia 
    Computing Center Rosstat - is a high-rise building in the east of Moscow, which houses the main computing power of the Federal State Statistics Service. The building itself is considered to be a shining example of the late Soviet architecture.

    Computing Center of Rosstat (previously - Main Computer Center CSB) was erected in 1980, the project takes as many as four of the architect. Skyscraper built even today differs advanced architectural solutions - the basis of the building is a square with a side length of 30 meters and a building site kryzhapadobnae rigidity ensures optimal placement of production facilities, elevators, communications systems and pneumatic transport.

    To date, high-rise building Rosstat data center is a prominent landmark of the Russian capital.
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