Yurievsky Kremlin and the ramparts

  • Podvyaznovo, Russia
  • Russia, Vladimir region., Yuriev-Polsky, ul. 1st May. 
    Yurievsky Kremlin and ramparts - an area in the city of Yuriev-Polsky, who studied very little. Historians can only guess how the buildings looked the far
    The XII century, when they were built. We can say that in the south-west side of the Kremlin was a prince's court, not far from him was erected protective wall, which, judging by the remains found containers were pantry for storage of honey.

    Among the interesting archaeological finds can note the remains of bronze chandelier of the XII century, the medieval amphorae sherds and Danza pots with printing Rurik.

    Based on the findings, in Yuriev Kremlin were very few houses. Those whose remains found were three lanes leading to the cathedral. The main street of the Kremlin was known as the Great, the border trees called Great Cathedral.
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