Abandoned railway station

  • Kirovsk, Russia
  • Kirovsk, Murmansk region, Russia 
    Railway station, no longer valid, is a typical Soviet-era monuments Kirovsk.

    In 1931, the Kirov, who at the time was called Khibinogorsk, became a town, and then for 3 years were built passenger railway station. The main building of the station was built in the style of a majestic "Stalin" architecture with high ceilings and huge rooms. Externally, the building was lined with granite, inside - marble and bronze chandeliers, and in the central hall adorned reproduction of paintings by Aivazovsky "9th Wave".

    In 1939 the station was opened. He worked until the end of the 90s, but in 1996 the trains stopped abruptly, and looted the station building.

    Now the station is only reminiscent of its original grandeur and beauty. Inside the building preserved columns, stairs, windows, desks and even freight scales.
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