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    Upper Albert Rd, Central, Hong Kong
    Government House was the official residence of the governor from 1855 to 1997, when the city was under British protectorate. 25 of the 28 governors of Hong Kong have used this building as his official residence.

    Construction began in 1851, eight years after Hong Kong was declared a British colony, and took four years to complete. In 1891 the house was attached to the ballroom. After the handover of Hong Kong Republic of China in 1997, the house became venue for receptions and ceremonies.

    The main entrance to the house faces south in the direction of Mount Victoria, and before it is broken lawn and garden, where the spring bloom numerous azaleas. Inside the building there is a banquet hall, living room, dining room and a conference room that is often used for receiving guests on formal occasions.

    Garden of Government House is open to the public twice a year. The greatest popularity it enjoys in the spring, during flowering azalіy. Open days tend to occur at the weekend.
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