The building of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Uspenskoe, Russia
  • Leninsky Prospect, 32, Moscow 119991 
  • +7 8 (495) 938-03-09 
    The complex of buildings was still USSR Academy of Sciences was built in 1989, designed by Yuri Platonov.

    In buildings, lined with white plates and anodized aluminum, are 22 floors and is located on the top floor restaurant "Sky Lounge" with 4 verandas and the best views of Moscow. Top of the building is crowned with gold color composition. Seeing these majestic facilities, to understand the truth of the national Academy of Sciences building nicknames - "golden brains", because RAS is considered the highest scientific organization of the Russian Federation.

    At the entrance to the courtyard of the RAS clock placed unusual shape, everything blows Cubism. No classicism, although there is greatness. The building of the RAS can be clearly seen from the center and m: Publishing House Mountains. Located on the banks of the Moskva River, the building is considered the architectural RAS landmark of the capital.
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